To Those Who Serve – Thank You

Today Erik came home so happy from school that he started (gulp!) telling us about his day. He climbed and exercised and something with Spiderman – he was just a big ball of happiness and it reminded me that we ALL need help.

To all of those of you out there who help, it must be said: “You cannot imagine the value you bring to our, and our special children’s lives. What you do for them is sometime astounding.  It matters more than you can imagine to us to know that ‘others’ take such good care of, teach, edify and make our special children feel loved.”

You that serve our special children are the most kind, compassionate, and caring people we know and we hope you understand the magnificent role you play in their – and subsequently our – lives.

Thank you, thank you, for all your service.

P.S. If you know someone who has helped or served you and your special child or children, PLEASE tell them. They need to know that we hold them in high regard. Tell them how you feel. I sure will.

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