THIS… At A Museum?

Ever make the mistake of congratulating a woman on being pregnant only to learn – through much embarrassment – that she wasn’t pregnant? That ever happen to you? Me neither – and that isn’t what happened while we were waiting to enter the Museum a few days ago. But what DID happen, might have been just as embarrassing – for the person Ricky targeted.

With Halloween only a few days away, Erik and Ricky have been on high-alert for any scary, weird, unusual or candy events. Not one pumpkin, candle, front yard decoration or even a black cat – or any cat even close to black – slips by them without them calling attention to it.

So I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me what Ricky said to a young man wearing dread-locks as he walked towards us while we were waiting in line to get in to the Museum.


The poor fellow was shocked enough by the quote to try and get some clarification. “What,” he said – to which Ricky was happy to clarify.


Poor guy. I guess if you can’t take the attention, don’t ask for the attention the dreads bring.

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