The Fire… Um… FUN Never Ends

Just when you think you start to get it under control. There’s a FIRE… literally. Yep, that’s right, Saturday morning while I was at the “Run for Autism” my wife (Shelly) called me with a bit of bad news.

Interestingly enough, just the night before, she and I were discussing how we SEEMED to be handling things… okay. The kids are all getting older and mostly, easier to manage in general and we were discussing how nice it was to be sitting on the couch together, on Friday night at 9pm – with all the kids in bed sleeping – and about to enjoy a movie together.

We looked at each other and felt entirely blessed to be able to just sit and chat and enjoy each others company in a semi-quiet peaceful setting.

How nice, huh?

Not so fast there, people.

The next morning, early, as I was at the “Autism Run” discussing with people how to manage yourself and “THRIVE” as you raise kids with autism my phone started “blowing up.” I answered immediately to hear my wife tell me she was awakened to “a microwave BILLOWING smoke out in to the kitchen.”

So it seems one of our boys had taken the initiative to make his own breakfast (normally a good thing.) but in doing so had filled a bowl with instant oatmeal – no water – and turned on the microwave to… yep, you guessed it… 30 minutes (obviously, NOT a good thing.)

So, here I was explaining to people how we must manage ourselves in a way that best serves our kids… and my kitchen is ON FIRE. I know, I know… how ironic, huh?

Needless to say, everyone is okay. My wife handled the situation with calmness and poise (at least that’s what I’ll report) and other than our house smelling “seriously smoky” everything turned out okay.

However, for the next few days, if you need some meat “smoked” simply bring it by the house and we’ll hang it in the kitchen to help us “soak up” and eradicate what’s left. It’s gonna be a GREAT week.

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