The Boys New Friend, Bo.

As Erik (12) and Ricky (9) mature not only are they bigger and stronger, but now they are eating us out of house and home. One additional side effect of their “growing up” is a bit less pleasing – big boy smells.

This was driven home today in a big, bad, FUNKY way as Shelly, my wife, entered their room and was met by a stench that made her eyes water. To ensure it wasn’t her being too critical – and maybe to mess a bit with Alek (17) she called him in to the room to confirm her “findings.” Alek not only confirmed what she was sure was an issue, but also confronted Ricky by saying, “Ricky, Dude, you got B.O.

Ricky responded with, “B.O.? That spells Bo. Who is Bo?”

That’s right, along with their daily showers we will now be liberally applying what Erik and Ricky have labeled “ARMPIT PERFUME!”

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