The Biggest Loser – John – Autistic

My wife and I were watching The Biggest Loser Finale and were a bit surprised – but then again – not so much – when John, one of the finalists took the time to thank his wife for allowing him to be gone for 12 weeks. Especially, he was thankful – and we especially GET IT – when he mentioned his wife was alone with his kids during that time… AND THE YOUNGEST WAS AUTISTIC.

My wife and I – almost in unison – said, “HOLY CRAP!” Any woman that would allow her husband to be away for 12 weeks and be at home ALONE with a child with special needs is “A SAINT.” Our hats go off to John for his transformation and losing his excess weight – BUT…

Because we live every day with special needs children – we can’t help but admire John’s wife for her incredible act of service while John was gone.

John worked hard – but don’t fool yourself – John’s WIFE WORKED HARDER. Whether John is the biggest loser or not, he’s the biggest winner for having a wife that is capable, loving and willing to serve while John was addressing his difficult battle.

We salute you both – but to John’s wife – we say, “WOW – now THAT’S IMPRESSIVE!”

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