Tattooed and Pestered

Just a heads up for those of you with many tattoos… If you decide to head to the pool and wear a bikini and Ricky is anywhere nearby, prepare to get asked way-too-many-questions, have him describe what HE thinks your tattoos look like and be generally pestered in to submission by his inquisitiveness and lack of fear.

You guessed it, yesterday at the pool, a lady – with maybe a few too many tattoos all over – was verbally accosted by “Curious Ricky.”

First, as he was walking past “the assailed” he stopped dead in his tracks, stared at her for a moment and said, “WHOA!” and then turned his head towards me and from across the pool yelled, “DAD, DAD, DID YOU SEE THIS?!!!” Then he started waving to Erik and yelling, “Erik c’mere. YA GOTTA SEE THIS!!!” And of course, Erik dutifully complied.

Can you imagine? A big-for-his-age 11 year-old, and a small-for-his-age 13 year-old hovering over a tattooed laden, bikini-wearing sun bather… simply staring at her? I’ll bet you can imagine. And what you imagine is probably exactly how it looked. Every effort I made to QUELL their curiosity was met with, “But Dad, DID YOU SEE THAT?!!!”

No kidding, every time either of them would he would walk by or swim close to her side of the pool – even though I was too far away to hear exactly WHAT was being said – I could tell they were asking another question or making another statement about her condition.

I’m guessing here, but at some point maybe she THOUGHT the idea of getting her body tattooed to that extent would draw attention to her, but I imagine what happened yesterday was NOT what she envisioned.

Thanks, Ricky and Erik, for making one more person “self-aware.”

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