Surrounded by Love

There are many people that help you with your “special” kids, and then there are VERY SPECIAL people that help you with your “special” kids. We have quite of few of the latter in our lives. I’d like to take a moment to express a “special thanks” and express my gratitude to those people that are VERY SPECIAL to us because of their recent service to our family.

Keep in mind, I will not be using their actual names – to avoid possible embarrassment – but they will know who they are – that’s right, I’m taking about you (rhymes with Fristy Schmorter) and you (rhymes with Slaylene Blarcia) and you (rhymes with Flare-in Schmavis) and especially you (rhymes with Prom.)

You see, my wife and I took our first extended vacation – more than one night away, together, ALONE, OHYEAH! – in more than 15 years because of some VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE that are able to help out and give us enough comfort to actually leave. We struggle mightily when we have to leave our special kids with others. Not because we think others don’t love them or are able to take care of them properly – we know they do and are – but because we know how difficult they can be and we don’t care to subject others to their – well, their occasional outbursts.

Here’s the Deal: You cannot know how much we appreciate what you do for our family and how much we have come to admire your patience, love and understanding. We FEEL your love.

Holy Crap, We Have Wonderful People Around Us.

People came out of the woodworks to offer their services when they learned we were to be away. Uh, huh, I’m talking about you (rhymes with Paleesiana Smashcrap) and you (rhymes with Smeg Fletsel) and you (rhymes with Plandra Splite) and especially you (rhymes with Prom – again.)

Geez, We Have Wonderful People Around Us.

I’m guessing you have wonderful people around you too – so here’s the challenge. TELL EM! That’s right, call them, or walk up to them, or jot down a message to them, but TELL EM!

You don’t have to do anything too extravagant – you just simply need to TELL EM! You love them – they need to know. Stop reading NOW and go TELL THEM!

I just did – but I’m not done yet!

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