Stop “LION” Mom

My daughter is 10yr old and had a dual dx of Autism and Down syndrome. One day on her field trip to the zoo, we were looking at the lions. I decided to explain to her the difference between the male and female lions. I said, “You see the lion with the big mane, well that is a boy lion.” My daughter looked at me like I was crazy and said, “No mom it is a L  I  O  N”, holding out the word to pronounce it correctly as if I wouldn’t understand. She has trouble understanding that animals are boy or girl, they to her are just dog, cat, or in this case, a LION!

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2 Responses to Stop “LION” Mom

  1. Kyle says:

    Good Move… using the “mane” as the differentiator between boy and girl. You know what they say: The mane thing to remember, is to keep the mane thing, the mane thing. Or is it, to keep the MAIN thing, the MAIN thing. Oh, well.

  2. Grandma B says:

    Should’ve known you would get it more hot water with the mane thing!!!

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