Need Someone to Motivate, Educate and Leave Your Group Feeling Powerful and Ready To Take on the World? Kyle’s Your Man.

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Looking for a speaker for your next meeting that won’t just leave your attendees saying, “Great presentation – NOW what do I do?” Everyone who attends one of Kyle Jetsel’s programs will walk out the door saying, “Not only was that a great presentation – NOW I know exactly what to do to make this work for me today – in the REAL WORLD.”

As you know, there’s plenty of “professional” speakers out there who have very impressive resumes and degrees and can talk you under the table with technical speak and theories. And the audience usually leaves with some ideas that make them think about what they could and should be doing. But research shows that less than 18% of a given audience actually goes home and uses ANY of what they learned.

Kyle Jetsel is a dynamic speaker who has two (2) boys affected by autism and deals with the exact same issues as the audience.  He teaches his audience – right on the spot – how to:

  • Self validate and draw upon the REAL value they provide
  • Search for and find JOY in their service
  • Raise their level of performance by understanding their incredible personal power

AND he does this all in a way that’s easy to understand, apply immediately, and call upon later when the need arises.

NOTE: All will ALSO leave having laughed (maybe even the kind that makes your stomach hurt and your cheeks sore) cried (maybe that’s just Kyle) and feel like there is nothing they cannot do.

If Your Group Can Close Their Eyes, Think, and Follow Directions, Then Kyle’s Program Will Improve the Way They Feel About Themselves and Their Special Children.

In fact, Kyle makes it almost impossible for his listeners to NOT be positively affected.  After sharing a few simple exercises that teach people how to “Thrive in Chaos” he gives them (depending on the duration of the meeting) several tools and techniques they can quickly and easily plug in to – and walk out the door KNOWING how to use them.

Unbelievably, Kyle Even Offers To Help Your Program Attendees Stay Motivated and Focused AFTER the Meeting – Via the Website and Facebook – Forever.

Says Kyle, “I do this every day – just like my attendees – I am always learning, growing, testing and tweaking new ideas and strategies and encourage interaction with others. Nothing is worse than trying to learn something and then get stuck with no guidance. WHY WOULD I NOT SHARE WITH EVERYONE?”

As you can imagine, Kyle books up fast. There’s a lot of demand for his program, and nobody else does ANYTHING like it. To check availability and/or get more information, simply email him today at kjet@1in110.com.

Please let Kyle know if you are interested in:

  • Keynote (30-90 minutes)
  • 2 to 3 Hours
  • Half-Day (4 hours)
  • Full-Day (7 hours)
  • 2-Day (7 hours x 2)

The presentation should be focused on:

  • Parents of children affected by Autism
  • Care Givers
  • Both
  • Other

Type of Event:

  •  Corporate Meeting
  • Association Meeting
  • Training Event
  • Other

Any Comments:

Here’s what others are saying about Kyle’s presentation:

The most fun, infectious, passionate, articulate and effective seminar I’ve ever attended. And that’s including a 15-year corporate history.          Walter Lyles

I’ve been to Bryan Tracy, Jim Rohn, Tom Hopkins and Less Brown, and Kyle is on his way. The presentation, the energy and the content were all A+.          Janine Avila

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