Seriously. It’s Not Your Fault

Here’s the deal.

The world KNOWS that the number of kids diagnosed on the autism spectrum is rising and along with that has come a slew of… I hate to say it… but… PREDATORS.

And these PREDATORS think, “Here’s a market, they’re desperate for hope – what can I sell them as a “quick fix” and promise them the world so I can get their money?

Here’s the problem… they’re selling and teaching all kinds of stuff that’s over complicated, it doesn’t apply to US in our situation and frankly, a lot of it’s just flat-out wrong.

Then there’s the conventional wisdom that says go see the doctors and the psychologists and the therapists, you know… the EXPERTS”… ALL pushing all kinds of different answers to how to raise your kids on the spectrum.

Oh yeah, and you’ll go see them… forever… and pay them… forever. Some of them – heck, MOST of them – don’t even HAVE kids on the spectrum.

They’ve never lived your life, they have no idea what you go through on a daily basis.

They PREACH and TEACH… but their results are abysmal. The problem is still so overwhelming.

Show me a HUNDRED families that go to these experts that live with autism in their homes and I’ll show you 99 and a half families that are all STILL on the autism roller coaster.

You know what I mean, right? One day your child says, “I love you.” And two days later, they’re kicking holes in walls or making “a run” at you to try and hurt you.

THAT’S the “Autism Roller-Coaster.”

These families are walking around on eggshells, living with tremendous stress and strain.

It’s affecting families, marriages, typical kids and even “our kids on the spectrum.”

We’ve got all these experts with all these degrees telling us to spend YEARS working our butts off with very, VERY limited results. I call that “work your butt off and cross your fingers training.”

SO MUCH WORK that does nothing more than lead to burnout, it leads to failed marriages and families… and it leads to giving up on your dreams of happiness. It leads to families like yours just GIVING in to the thought that this is… just “OUR NEW REALITY.”

All that “hope killing” work you’re doing, all that effort you’ve put in and STILL, the Autism roller-coaster. The ups and downs. The high peaks of happinesss… and then the valleys that are sometimes SO LOW that we forget the high peaks.

What they’re doing definitely isn’t fast, it’s definitely not easy. And it just hasn’t worked.

This is the main reason why SO many people just resign to the fact that this is their NEW life. Maybe it’s the reason YOU’VE given up on your dreams.

But you KNOW you want happiness. You believe you can THRIVE as a family. You KNOW there are others doing it right now.

So why would you take that slow path to THRIVING as a family. You want real answers, you don’t want more fluff. You want to plug in to a program that you can actually do and start seeing results fast.

That’s what we do for you at Thrive In Chaos.

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