Ricky – Pickin Up Habits

Thank goodness they’re good habits, huh? That’s right, I have a habit of calling my 3 year-old little girl – my ONLY little girl – of 6 kids total – well, I have a habit of calling her “Pretty, Pretty.” She hears it so much she even answers to it.

So I wasn’t surprised when Ricky entered the living room a few days ago and said, “Hey, Pretty, Pretty.” Until I looked around and saw that Chloe was not in the room. So I said, “Ricky, Chloe is upstairs.” To which he replied, “I know, I’m talking to Momma-Momma.”

I can’t be sure, but “Pretty-Pretty-Momma-Momma’s” smile told me it meant more to her than winning a beauty contest. Thanks Ricky-Ricky-Sweet-Sweet.

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