Ricky’s Trampoline (Best Friend Ever)

Ricky LOVES the trampoline. It can be sunny, raining, hot, cold, freezing cold, snowing, overcast, night or day, alone or with Erik, or with Erik, Jack and Chloe, or  with Erik, Jack, Chloe, Alek and Zak – that’s right, all 6 kids at once – it does not matter when or whom he’s with – he’s there. He spends more time on that trampoline than you can imagine. He flips and flops and spins and bounces – and sometimes eats while he’s doing it all.

So I decided it was time to get at least a little bit of it on a video. Now, Ricky’s not shy, so imagine my shock when each time I would come out to watch and hold up the recorder – he would stop. Even after I begged and pleaded and – okay, once I threatened – he would still not let me catch him in full flight. So I got creative.

First I tried peering through the back window – he spotted me and all was over. Then I tried going out the front door, circling around to the back, laying down and ONLY putting the lens around the corner – DAD-GUMMIT if that little sucker didn’t spot that too. And THEN – he realized what I was trying to do and all my other attempts failed – I think to him it even became a game.

The reason I can tell it became a game is because when I finally caught him on video – after more than a week of NOT trying to catch him – he responded with a big smile and a – well – an unusually silly reaction: See if you can tell when he saw me by watching here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/video/video.php?v=154193184643344&notif_t=video_processed

And watch closely for when he starts to…

YEP! – He aimed his fanny at me and started to SLAP IT! That’ll teach me, huh?

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