Morale Man

A few weeks ago after my wife told me I wasn’t as friendly as I used to be, I decided to start something new and christened myself, “Morale Man.” You can mentally create a costume if you’d like – I know I did (just mentally) – but “Morale Man’s” results so far have been too miraculous not to share.

Let me explain: After my wife mentioned to me I had recently picked up some bad habits (I think the words, “condescending” and “sarcastic” were mentioned) I decided that I had too much personality and I was just too happy a guy not to spew my own personal brand of morale all over people.

Let me tell you about the results – in just a few weeks. I’m happier, the people around me (at least most) SEEM to be happier, and I’ve made a whole lot of new friends. You see, I’ve noticed when I smile from ear-to-ear at people, they can’t help but smile back, and it leads to very interesting conversation, very (seriously… VERY) polite behavior and what seems to be a lift in almost everyone’s spirits that’s lucky enough to cross my path. (Sorry, there is still some sarcasm leeching in to my behavior – I’m a work in progress, yo!)

But the most interesting thing I’ve come to realize it that even though a simple smile COSTS absolutely nothing, it PAYS so much back because of an uncanny ability to brighten people’s day. AND, I get more out of the encounters than anyone.

“Morale Man” wasn’t a New Year’s resolution, but will be making appearances everywhere, all the time moving forward. I can no longer afford NOT to let “Morale Man” spew. It would COST me too much missed fun.

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