MMA- Mixed Martial Autism

Its always good to know that you’ve trained your little brother into a finely tuned fighting machine. But that usually only happens when they give you a below the belt shot. It was a great pleasure to witness it firsthand. It was just an ordinary day, at an ordinary Burger King Playground. For some reason, the possy of bigger 10 year olds that normally roam those parts, had a reason to be mad at Erik. From a view below the tube of the playground, I heard the boys shout, “Lets get him!” My heart pounded as I knew for sure, my little brother would be scarred forever by idiot kids. From that same view, I see the kids crawl towards Erik, and at that same instant, Erik reared back his legs and let them fly. About 3 or 4 of the boys flew backward and came to a crashing halt. A few more fists flew, and one by one, the possy came out of the area looking very discouraged and beaten. Of course, the little stud comes prancing out with his favorite toy in hand as if nothing had happened. As the bigger kids, looked ready to get their revenge, I explained Erik’s situation, and they were totally fine with it. Hopefully Chuck Norris isn’t gonna cut us in line, because I’m treating this champ to a milkshake.

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  1. thewrightbrother says:

    Hey Alek I really liked this story. I couldn’t stop laughing at the picture you painted in my mind of Erik’s triumphant battle with “The Possy”. : ) I really enjoy your writing style and am impressed by the closing statements!! Such great teasers for the anticipated future tales of Alek Jetsel. Great work.


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