Kicked Out of School? Seriously?

As kids will do, they can always find things to emulate the toys they want. You know the deal, right? If your child wants to play with a car and all he has is a block… the block becomes a car. The block starts to make sound and get pushed all over the floor, up on to the couch, on the wall and out the door.

If they’re on a playground and they want a superhero… what-do-you-know? The stick they find becomes a superhero and starts kicking the poo out of all the other stick/superhero’s on the playground.

Our “special” kids are no different.

However, one day, according to the kindergarten teacher, Erik stepped over the line.

Everyone has played with Lego’s. They are an American toy institution. But nowhere on the box is there a warning that if a functionally autistic child creates a Lego/GUN and starts to point the Lego/GUN at other kids during class – he faces immediate expulsion from school – because that’s exactly what happened.

I know this kind of thing is frowned upon and I understand the concern here, but really? An autistic child – who obviously doesn’t understand – expelled for a Lego/GUN? I never thought I’d see the day where my autistic son would be used to set an example for the other kids.

And I’m not sure how I should feel about this. Is this a proud moment for me?

Well, I guess I DID grow up in TEXAS.

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2 Responses to Kicked Out of School? Seriously?

  1. Grandma B says:

    No different than the 1 inch toy gun I had in my luggage (coming back from a cruise) that the inspector at the airport used rubber gloves (with thumb plus pointer finger) to remove. I couldn’t help but laugh, but then I grew up in Texas, too.

  2. Charlie says:

    LEGOs don’t kill people — they only maim you if you step on them when you are walking barefoot through the house in the dark!
    Why do people quit thinking when some idiot bureaucrat makes up a STUPID rule? Really!?! What’s going to happen next? Finger and thumb pointed like a gun — EXPELLED… Arrested for Assault with a Deadly Gesture?
    They should expel the idiots from their job, and leave the Jetsel boys alone!

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