Jeff’s Wild Story

I took Erik, Ricky and Jack and Chloe (the boys 4 year-old twins) to Wal-Mart to get some ice-cream as a reward for being so good and as we were leaving Ricky leaned in towards the cashier (a man) and here is what happened:

Ricky: So, you got a family, Jeff? (He was able to read his name-tag, I guess.)

Jeff: (uncomfortable silence)

Ricky: You got 11 kids?

Jeff: (uncomfortable silence)

Ricky: You got a husband, you getting married? (Remember, Jeff is a man.)

Jeff: (really uncomfortable silence as Jeff looked at me)

Dad: (Giggling uncontrollably as I shrugged my shoulders at Jeff)

Jeff: What just happened?

Dad: Thanks (As we turned and walked out of Wal-Mart)

I can only imagine what kind of story he’s telling to others about this encounter. But I’m still laughing inside every time I think about it.

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