In Ricky’s Footsteps

Jack is Erik and Ricky’s 3 year-old little brother. And as most little brothers do, Jack has now started to pick-up on some of the little idiosyncrasies of his older brothers – specifically in this case – Ricky’s hat wearing idiosyncrasy.

If you aren’t familiar, here are a few reminders:

I wasn’t aware Jack was so attached to his new hat until one day – as I got home from work – I tried to REMOVE the hat from Jack and was met with a Ricky-esque revolt. Jack ran from me and headed to the protection of Ricky who confirmed that this was now JACK’S special hat – just like Ricky’s special hat – and was NOT to be removed until it was time for bed.

Although I really don’t have a problem with him having a “special hat” – just like Ricky’s – I DO have a little bit of a problem with the hat he chose – check out the picture and you may understand why: HERE

Yeah, that’s right. It is a do-rag. Why do we EVEN HAVE a do-rag in our home?

I immediately went and threw out the rest of the “do-rags” all the “dunce caps” one “multi-colored propeller hat” and packed up and stored all my “yamakas” – you know, just in case I needed them later.

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