I Love My Wife

It should be known. I really LOVE my wife. There is not another woman that could do what she does every day, day-in and day-out, with such a great attitude. She loves our kids, she loves me and she makes ALL of us feel like we are the most important people in the world. She is my best friend and better than I deserve. (It’s OK, I know I married UP.)

There is ONE thing that she doesn’t like me to do – and that is when I gush about her to others. I’m lucky there too, though, because she doesn’t read any of my blogs or my autism laughter therapy facebook page so I can say what I want without embarrassing her too bad.

I have talked about her a bit in some previous posts. Here’s what she does to manipulate me (Don’t be alarmed… I like it): http://1in110.com/?p=3912 and here I briefly mentioned leaving a note for her and her reaction being that she thought I was dying – not the reaction I wanted: http://1in110.com/?p=3863

My wife is, “The BOMB!”

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