His Finger “Popped-Off”

I had no idea it would cause such a hullabaloo with Erik and Ricky. As a matter of fact I am still unsure why it took me so many years to finally show them – specifically because I am always trying to be a source of wonder for them – my “removing the finger” magic trick.

But geez laweez, you should have seen their faces and the bouncing around that ensued after I showed them for the first time. They were so mesmerized – with BIG, GIANT, smiles on their faces that they requested I show them again and again no less than 30 times. “WHOOOOOAAAA!! – Look!! – His Finger Popped-Off!!” Then the inevitable request, “Can I do it too, Dad?” as they both gave it their best effort to pop their fingers off.

No kidding, I’m surprised one of them didn’t dislocate a finger the way they were pulling so hard on their own – and each other’s little digits. After I finally said, “It’s a magic trick,” Ricky turned away from me and I heard him yell, “Zak, you can make my magic trick finger pop off?” He was on a mission as he called to Erik, “Let’s go – Zak magic trick finger pop off.”

They disappeared for almost an hour and then Ricky reappeared – with a BIG, HUGE, smile on his face – and had THIS to show me: Click HERE to see it – notice his “sound effect” towards the end of the video – FUNNY!

Turns out his big brother Zak spent almost an hour teaching him the finer points of “finger pop off” magic. “Thanks, Zak.” Nothing makes a father prouder than seeing a busy, better-things-to-do, 15 year-old son spending time and patience with his little brothers.

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