Heavy Metal from Above

Erik and Ricky like the idea of Rock Bands. They always start to bang on stuff (the FIANO – fake piano – and the FUMS – fake drums) when they hear music playing. They especially enjoy doing it when their two older brothers, Alek and Zak, are actually playing music with REAL instruments.

But I was unaware how much they were enjoying Rock Band until I heard some LOUD singing coming from upstairs and was able to catch them playing “Bionicle Rock Band.” They had all their Bionicles lined up on the wide window seal and were absolutely jamming. You can see it HERE.

See the red Bionicle jamming on his weapon guitar? He’s slammin it, huh? Did you catch the song? That’s right. Nothing quite like having your two “special” boys pumping out some classic… Ozzy Osbourne. Where are they hearing this stuff? Alek and Zak!!??

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