When it comes to sports, every match, game, and meet is a family ordeal. Its no different with my brothers affected by autism. When any type of game is started, we are soon joined by two fun loving little kids eager to score a point, even though they don’t always understand the concept of the game. Take soccer for example, no matter how many times we tell them no hands, they pick it up, carry it to a clear shot, and boot it in. They don’t always understand the concept of score keeping either. One day, while having a fun game of backyard soccer, with an exercise ball, Rick wants to play. He uses his normal “carry manuever” and easily scores on my goal. He then breaks into a crazy victory dance and yells, “I have 37, and you have ZERO!!!” I tried to contest with his stone cold logic, but was unsuccessful. At least he didn’t pull a Zindedine Zedane and headbutt me in the chest.


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  1. kjet says:

    Love the logic of kids! My middle daughter played softball when she was 6. At the end of the season she over heard me telling someone that the “poor little things didn’t win a game!” She came over & said “mom you got it all wrong, we won all our games because we got snacks after every single game & a big cake at the end of the season! Only winners get that.” 😉

    Posted with TSH permission

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