Failed Creepiness Diversionary Tactics

A good friend of mine “J” spends part of his time as a Residential Habilitator for 2 young men and recently shared with me a pretty funny example of managing adults with disabilities. It seems one of the young men “C” a 27 year old that falls under his responsibility umbrella has been known to – ogle – let me rephrase that – OGLE – young teenage girls. Let me set the scene for you here.

The three of them had just completed their grocery shopping and are in the check-out line at Wal-Mart waiting for their turn when two unsuspecting teenage girls walk by. “C” spots the two girls and turns to face them and goes in to what “J” describes as a “no-blink-full-body-scan” mode wherein the girls are “locked in” to his gaze. “J” quickly realizes the uneasiness this has caused the young ladies and attempts to “jolt” him out of his robot-like trance by saying things like, “Hey, ‘C’ when we get home let’s play some video games” and “Hey ‘C’ did you know we bought some popsicles?” You know, trying to divert his attention away from the poor victims.

Needless to say, “C’s” laser-like focus was on full power and “J’s” attempts were an exercise in futility. “J” closed the story with this observation:

“It was creepy – I’m sure especially to the poor girls. He was like a locked-on pit-bull. Something big could have hit him square in the face and he wouldn’t have blinked.”

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