Erik’s Dog “Ham!”

Friday we had a meeting with Erik’s teachers at school. Seems everything is going well, he’s become exceptionally close to some teachers and a specific principle – to whom we owe more than we can ever repay. And it appears he has developed such a close relationship with one of the sweet ladies at school that he has started to tell her about his favorite pet – his dog named Ham.

He’s gone on to explain how much fun they have together, that they just love playing together and that Ham licks his face and runs all over the back yard with him.

This sweet lady was so excited – as were we – that Erik had decided she was worthy of his sharing these special experiences and she was very animated as she told us of all the great, long, meaningful conversations and stories he shares with her on almost a daily basis.

Wow! We thought, he really seems to have bonded with an adult outside of our immediate family – but there is just one little problem we may need to sort out.

We don’t have any pets!

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