Earth, Wind and FiRicky

He must be a performer at heart with the way he “rocked the house.” That’s right, last week Ricky was invited to participate in a music concert with his class at school. We had no idea until we showed up that they all had been practicing for weeks with their “recorders” and were ready to “wow us” with their musical prowess.

As they got ready to start Ricky was so excited that he could barely sit still.

As all the kids started playing we quickly recognized that all the kids – except for one – were very “orchestra-like” and professional in the way they went about their business. They all – except for one – were concentrating on the music and stoically tooting their horns as they quietly followed along.

Then there was “the one.” The one that assumed he was playing a trumpet with “Earth Wind and Fire.” That’s right, every time they hit a high note or a loud note or basically ANY note, Ricky THREW his head back, raised the recorder horn high in the air and belted out the note. Seriously, it was like watching “Prince” shred on his guitar while being backed up by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.

But that wasn’t enough. WHILE they were in between notes he was bobbing and weaving and dancing in his seat while all the other kids sat still as they waited for the next notes to play. AND after every song was over, HE ALONE would stand up, take a bow and start blowing kisses to the crowd of parents, grandparents and siblings.

Afterwards, I approached the music teacher to apologize for Ricky’s “solo-like” performance and he responded with, “I’ve never seen a kid have SO MUCH FUN at one of these things. He was cracking me up.”

Thanks, Music Teacher, for 1) letting him participate (even though my guess is that EVERY note was OFF) and 2) allowing him to express himself in his own fun-loving way.

Ricky will NEVER forget his concert. You can see a post-concert picture HERE: He looks SO proud, huh?

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