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School Zaniness

High School

As I was discussing with Erik the fact that he will now go to High School, Ricky was listening. I went something like this: Dad: “You’re going to go to the same school with Zak (his brother) in High School.” … Continue reading

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THIS… At A Museum?

Ever make the mistake of congratulating a woman on being pregnant only to learn – through much embarrassment – that she wasn’t pregnant? That ever happen to you? Me neither – and that isn’t what happened while we were waiting … Continue reading

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Erik’s Dog “Ham!”

Friday we had a meeting with Erik’s teachers at school. Seems everything is going well, he’s become exceptionally close to some teachers and a specific principle – to whom we owe more than we can ever repay. And it appears … Continue reading

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Kicked Out of School? Seriously?

As kids will do, they can always find things to emulate the toys they want. You know the deal, right? If your child wants to play with a car and all he has is a block… the block becomes a … Continue reading

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