Can I Drive?

Ricky is a “shotgun” expert – NO, not THAT kind – although I can see how you would make that mistake since we are from Texas. This is the kind of “shotgun” expert: Every time we go anywhere, he is always first to call it.

But lately, he’s decided that’s not enough. Sunday as we were driving home from church, he turned to me – YES, he was riding shotgun with a 16 year-old, a 14 year-old, and an 11 year-old (Ricky is 9) riding in the back seat – and said, “Would you mind if I DRIVE?”

I smiled as I said, ‘I don’t think so” and was unprepared for his reply when he said, “Why Not?” After I explained that he was too little and the COPS would get us if I let him drive he was undeterred. “What if I give you something?” he said. Now my curiosity was peaked.

Dad: OK – what ya got?

Ricky: How bout some gum?

Dad: Nope. What else ya got?

Ricky: How bout 2 Rickybots?

Dad: (Unsure what Rickybots were – although I was enticed.) Nope. Anything else?

Ricky: Yep. How bout Chloe’s (his little sister) Unicorns?

Dad: That sounds good, but I can’t let you drive no matter what you give me.

Ricky: OK – then you can’t have the CAT SKIN.

Dad: Huh?

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