Brotherly Love

Sometimes I wonder how it is that I got 2 – yeah, 2 boys affected by autism? Is one not enough for us? Were we to keep getting more until we started to figure it all out? Was it because we needed to be stretched more? More, REALLY, that seemed necessary – reasonable – to the Almighty One?

Then you notice things that make it clearer.

Like coming home to the two of them playing beautifully together for a whole day – and then at the end of the day my wife and I realizing it and saying, “Whoa, today was a really good day for them.” Or watching them wrestle together for hours on the trampoline – all the while smiling from ear-to-ear. Or hearing them sing (LOUD) together – even if it is “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne. Or seeing them greet each other after school with big, giant, full-on hugs – both arms fully wrapped around each other in the kind of embrace you rarely see – the kind that makes your chest swell and tears start to form below the surface. NOTE: I mean other people – obviously, not me – sniff, sniff – but in other, less controlled people that are not as tough and manly as I.

Then there is THIS:

Recently, I entered the playroom to find what appeared to be hundreds of drawings – Erik LOVES to draw – of the family, super-heroes, bionicles, mega-mind, etc. But one picture jumped out at me. So I asked Erik, “What is this?” In his broken language he said, “That’s me… that’s Ricky… high-five… I Love Him!”

I started to cry – well, not really cry – I think maybe my eyes just started to sweat. Erik and then Ricky looked up at me with concern in their eyes and Ricky said, “It’s okay, Dad. Erik has paper.”  Here’s the picture: HERE – Be prepared to laugh and maybe even have your “eyes sweat” at the same time.

These boys know what love is. It’s how they feel about each other.

I think I’m starting to understand.

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