An Early Snowfall… IN The House

It’s not what you’d think. No, Erik and Ricky didn’t leave a skylight open… or track it in with their snowboots. This was more of a purpose driven snowstorm – and only happened because of a lack of proper supervision.

It all started when I came home with a new T.V. and carried the box up in to the playroom to get it all set up and working. Everyone was sooo excited at the new bigger screen, clearer picture and the now available chance to hook up the Rock Band video game.

Shortly after we had finished setting it up we put on a favorite movie and left them to their devices. Turns out… this was NOT a good idea. A few hours later, my oldest son approached me with an “OH CRAP” look on his face. I could sense that there had been a problem upsatirs, but it had been so quiet for the past few hours I couldn’t imagine what could have gone wrong.

FYI: Did you know that the white stirofoam used to pack T.V.s could be broken down into “smaller than BB sized pellets?”  I didn’t. At least not until I entered the room to find a fresh two inches of newly fallen snow covering every square inch of the floor in the playroom.

FYI2: Did you know that stirofoam – in snowlike form – is extremely full of static electricity? I didn’t. At least not until I tried to use a vacuum cleaner to remove it. I ended up spending more than 2 hours trying to sweep it all into one big pile so I could scoop it – with a snow shovel – in to a bag.

At one point I caught my wife – with a big smile on her face – trying to sneak a picture of me shoveling “stirofoam snow” inside the playroom. Although NOW it seems kinda funny, at the time I believe I made a threat against her and all the kids if she snapped that “freakin” picture.  

Needless to say, we now MAKE SURE all boxes and their contents – ALL THE CONTENTS – are disposed of properly so that there are no chances of a freak early stirofoam snowstorm.

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  1. Grandma B says:

    OK, where have you been all these years? Did you not know that kids love to play with the boxes (and contents) much more than the article it contains. Don’t you remember any of our Christmases? (All boxes and balloons!!!!)

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