Accidental Love Story

My wife and I have a unique love story. And it’s a REAL true-life love story. When Shelly and I met, we were both dating other people. However, due to the fact that I could NEVER pass up the opportunity to meet – and get to know better – a beautiful young lady, I asked Shelly if she’d like to go play tennis with me. After a surprisingly competitive match and some post-match ice-cream, I KNEW I wanted to spend more time with her. She was FUN!

An easy friendship developed. I would call Shelly and ask if she wanted to go do something fun with me. We went dancing (a lot), we goofed around while visiting different Dallas landmarks, and we even went to Jazz concerts (Najee and Gerald Allbright were our favorites) and even a few Modeling shows. (That’s a story for later.) But, we always had fun – no matter what we did.

She’d call me with tickets to Six Flags (I once broke a date with another girl to do this with her) or to go to a company swim party, even once when her Church was having a “fried chicken” dinner (she knew that was my favorite) she invited me and I was there. Whatever she was doing, or I was doing that sounded fun – WE did together. It was such an easy, fun and rewarding for me (obviously, as she was and is beautiful) relationship.

This “friend” relationship lasted for months until I did something that I noticed “hurt her feelings.” Two things surprised me. First, I actually noticed I hurt her feelings (I may have been a bit self-absorbed and it was not like me to notice back then) and second, as soon as I became aware that I had hurt her, I raced over to her house late at night… and… GULP! I apologized for my actions. What the…

I was confused. I was dazed. Had I just gone out of my way to apologize to Shelly? What was I doing? Where was the Kyle that I knew and loved? The tough, independent, ghetto, “Kyle against the world” super-hero that I had fostered over so many years?

That night as I drove home from her parent’s house I KNEW I was in trouble. I knew that – without even trying – Shelly had melted the hard candy shell that I used to insulate myself from “feeling too much” and was deep inside the “gooey center” that I NEVER let anyone near. But I was a bit nervous. I wondered, “Will we forever be stuck in the friend stage? Does she have any idea what she’s just done to me?” Am I… in LOVE with Shelly?

As I’ve always been a bit… AGGRESSIVE, but was cautiously optimistic that she felt the same towards me, I hatched a plan to “make her mine.”

I was RELENTLESS. I turned on charm that I wasn’t even aware I had. I stopped doing a few things that I “thought” she may not like… I started doing things that I “thought” she may like. I found myself thinking about her when I first woke up, frequently during the day, and each evening. How she was doing became more important to me… than ME. If that wasn’t love, I wasn’t sure what love was.

Then, on her 19th Birthday, I took her to Nana’s Restaurant at the top of the Hilton Anatole Hotel. (I have a picture of us to prove it) AS we were riding up in the elevator, I took a chance, cornered her, and kissed her good. It… Was… AWESOME. I could tell right then, she was IN.

About a year later, we were married, and 23 years later, we are the happily married parents of 6 kids. I still… find myself thinking about her when I first wake up, frequently during the day, and each evening. Of course, now, she’s right next to me – right where I want her to be.

I may be the luckiest man alive to have found and married a woman who I STILL want to spend as much of my time as I can with. She is beautiful, wonderful, and heavenly. I cherish Shelly.

I frequently pray that others may find and develop the kind of relationship I have with my wife. The world would be a much happier place if others could feel the way she makes me feel.

That’s our story. It’s an accidental, real, true-life love story. And I’m living it. Just saying…

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