A Legacy of Lunacy

So it seems Erik and Ricky’s younger siblings – twins – one boy and one girl – have now decided to join in the fun. You hope for the best when you have twins – maybe they’ll be REALLY smart or EXCEPTIONALLY gifted athletically or musically or artistically. I said ARTIST-ICALLY. But no – Jack and Chloe SEE THEM HERE (3 years old) have decided – at least so far – that comedy is the passion they will pursue.

It happened again today when Shelly called me at work to ask me a question. When they (the twins) realized she was talking to me, they both wanted to say, “Hi.” First, Chloe got on the phone and after a clear “Hi Daddy” asked me an illegible question. When I answered, “Huh?” she started to giggle incessantly and said, “Echo’s turn.” (She calls her twin brother, Jack, by the name of Echo – who knows why?)

After the typical, “Hey Dad” there was enough of a pause for me to tell Jack, “Tell Momma – You’re Pretty.” After which he turned his head towards his Mom and said, “Dad say, Momma You’re POOPY – Baaaahaaaahaaaahaaaa! Bye, Dad.”

My wife then got back on the phone and asked me, “Did you tell him to tell me I was poopy?” I think she already knew the answer as she started to laugh as she watched Jack and Chloe giggle and slap their knees as if they were tickled beyond belief.

GREAAAAT! We’ve got a regular Abbot and Costello-ette on our hands.

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