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As If People in Wal-Mart Aren’t Awkward Enough Already

A trip to Wal-Mart can present a few different – sometimes awkward – results for our family. Especially when Erik and Ricky come along – and when they are, let’s just say, A BIT HYPER. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this … Continue reading

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On Top Of The World

We took Erik and Ricky to the neighborhood playground at the end of the street Monday night. You know, slides, walkways, poles to climb and slide on, and even a bridge to play on and under. So what do they … Continue reading

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Mc WhatTheCrap?

So it seems a lady with two sons affected by autism (sound familiar?) was assaulted by a McDonald’s manager recently. I feel a bit bad for saying this, but not really. If I were faced with this issue, Tiffany (the … Continue reading

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A Legacy of Lunacy

So it seems Erik and Ricky’s younger siblings – twins – one boy and one girl – have now decided to join in the fun. You hope for the best when you have twins – maybe they’ll be REALLY smart … Continue reading

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