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I will only admit this to a few people, but I am a HUGE fan of the idea that someone would strip down naked and run as fast as they can through a public place – especially if they are … Continue reading

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Dying to be Jealous

Ricky went for a ride with Zak and I to the Pawn shop on Saturday to look for Zak some new guitar stuff. As we turned off of Cloverdale and headed East on Fairview, we passed by a rather large … Continue reading

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Can I Drive?

Ricky is a “shotgun” expert – NO, not THAT kind – although I can see how you would make that mistake since we are from Texas. This is the kind of “shotgun” expert: Every time we go anywhere, he … Continue reading

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Failed Creepiness Diversionary Tactics

A good friend of mine “J” spends part of his time as a Residential Habilitator for 2 young men and recently shared with me a pretty funny example of managing adults with disabilities. It seems one of the young men … Continue reading

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The Reward is in the Giving

Quite a few years back (before I even HAD autistic children) my wife took a sledgehammer to my head. Not literally, but nonetheless, it left me reeling and dizzy about my personal philosophy on raising my kids. You see, I … Continue reading

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The “STING??”of Autism

Recently I shared a difficult experience with a friend who – after hearing my story, said something that shocked me. He said, “Well I guess that experience – in a way – helped take the ‘STING’ off of having two … Continue reading

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