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Angry to Happy – In the Blink of an Eye

Here’s how I do it – and this crap really works. Even if it doesn’t, Ill give you your money back. That’s right – this strategy comes with a money back guarantee. Read it here: Bookmark on Delicious Digg … Continue reading

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This One (Zany) Is On Me

Usually my stories are about my zany kids. Today I did a big boo-boo. Let me explain: My older brother likes to tease me about my name. That’s right, for those of you that are not aware, my name is … Continue reading

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Autism Speaks – Funny Stuff – The Sequel

More of Erik and Ricky’s wackiness. Some of these are a little PG-13 rated. Sorry, I just REPORT the zany – you can filter for yourself. Ricky: “Do cats lay eggs.” Dad: “No, they don’t.” Ricky: “I lay eggs.” After … Continue reading

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Autism Speaks – And Says Funny Stuff

Erik and Ricky say some wacky things. BTW: Feel free to use these on other people – they are not copy write protected by Erik and Ricky – YET! When you DO use them, pay special attention to the question … Continue reading

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In our family we are sort of sticklers about common courtesy. Where we come from, if someone says hello to you, it is common courtesy to respond by saying “hi” back. There’s really no excuse for not being nice. “It’s … Continue reading

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