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It’s Nothing Personal, It’s Just Acting

You may have heard of people with photographic memories, but Erik has the gift of a “voice recording” memory. If you sit him down in front of a movie he’s interested in, he’ll quote it word for word. We discovered … Continue reading

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MMA- Mixed Martial Autism

Its always good to know that you’ve trained your little brother into a finely tuned fighting machine. But that usually only happens when they give you a below the belt shot. It was a great pleasure to witness it firsthand. … Continue reading

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I See, Said The Blind Man

I was giving a ride to two individuals who were blind and it was an extremely foggy day. I was tense and a bit stressed as I was trying to back up. I commented that I couldn’t see if there … Continue reading

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Door to Door Salesman

In our family we have an affinity for the cartoon Sponge Bob SquarePants. You know – the whim sickle life of a sea sponge and his best friend Patrick (a brainless starfish) and all their misadventures. Maybe it’s because ALL … Continue reading

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Hi Kyle.  I’m Kim, Rick’s sister.  Super cute web site. My daughter Mallory is an austistic diva, if there is such a thing.  She’s 13.  She hates,hates,hates to leave the house, so we’ve heard every excuse in the world from … Continue reading

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Kicked Out of School? Seriously?

As kids will do, they can always find things to emulate the toys they want. You know the deal, right? If your child wants to play with a car and all he has is a block… the block becomes a … Continue reading

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Eyes Under the Stall

As another entry in The Adventures of Walmart, we go to a place of much fun, the bathroom. At first, the “I need to go to the bathroom” warning can be a bit of a niusance. After leading the wonder … Continue reading

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And the Best Album of the Year Goes to….

A couple of years ago, the Guitar Hero and Rock Band craze swept the nation, and of course our house. After getting Rock Band, and mastering the drums and guitar, we hosted a party. Inviting all our friends over, we … Continue reading

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Side Seat Driver

Being new to the driving scene, I’m always looking for opportunities to go driving. If a Walmart run needs to happen, I’m the man for my parents. I’ll even take a kid or two with me, and what could be … Continue reading

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Zit Wars

As my 2 older sons grow (now 14 and 16) they get to experience things we’ve all lived through. Namely… puberty… and zits. And it’s created some moments that can bring us closer as a family. Namely… the popping of … Continue reading

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