Pool PEE-arty

We have had some unusual experiences with Erik and Ricky breaking unwritten social rules at swimming pools. Things like – screaming “WHOA!” when they swam up to a 300 pounder in a bikini: http://1in110.com/?p=189 ; telling ladies they were underdressed: http://1in110.com/?p=35 ; and doing cannonballs in to a hot tub filled with senior citizens: http://1in110.com/?p=31 .

But there is ONE unwritten social rule that Erik and Ricky ALWAYS adhere to when at the pool. The “Don’t Pee In The Pool” rule. Normally that would be a good thing. Not so for Erik and Ricky.

As they were swimming they started to see people using their entry-swipe cards to go in to the clubhouse. Naturally, they wanted to know why someone soaking wet, in their swimsuit, would go in to the building and then come back out a few moments later – that’s right – looking relieved.

After explaining to them that they were probably just going to the restroom, the fun began – FOR THEM.

Fifteen minutes later, and subsequently every fifteen minutes after that, they would BOTH run to the clubhouse door and start doing the “I GOTTA PEE” dance. You know the dance, right? The one where kids squeeze their legs together – then cross them – then start hopping in place? You’ve seen it, right? Yep, THAT’S THE ONE!

But THEY took it to another level. They looked across the pool at me and started chanting. “WE GOTTA PEE, WE GOTTA PEE, WE GOTTA PEE!” Louder and louder they got until they realized the other kids were laughing – so they stopped. But just long enough to smile really big and start chanting again –


Why does THIS have to be the one unwritten social rule they follow?

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