Diversionary Tactics? Really?

It appears Erik and Ricky have decided together that I can be fooled if they can divert my attention to something beyond themselves. But it also appears that they do not completely understand the way a diversion works.

Take this morning as a good example.

Time was passing very quickly for us to be ready to leave for church. Keep in mind, all they have to do is put on their clothes, but sometimes it seems as if they conspire against me to delay the inevitable “getting dressed.” No fewer than 4 or 5 times had I asked each of them to, “put on your church clothes so we can be ready for church” each time the request getting more forceful. Then…

I watched as they huddled together, started giggling, and hatched a plan for – what probably seemed to them – a fool-proof diversionary tactic. As a last ditch effort to “get away” the two of them stood side by side as they both pointed over my shoulder and together loudly proclaimed:


No kidding… I ALMOST looked over my shoulder – back towards the kitchen cabinets – and gave them the opportunity to “Make A Break For It” just to reward them for their well thought out plan.

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